Centre for Particle Theory

Quantum Electrodynamics

16 Lectures Dr. D. Maitre

The course will develop techniques for computing scattering processes at tree level and one-loop. The first part of the course builds on the Introduction to Quantum Field Theory course and is concerned with the application of Feynman rules to elementary scattering processes. The second part introduces Bremsstrahlung and loop corrections and describes how to handle the infrared and ultraviolet divergences that are present.

Outline of course

  • QED at tree level:

  • Application of Feynman rules for tree-level processes in QED, gamma-matrix algebra, traceology, polarization sums, unpolarized cross sections, crossing symmetry.
  • QED at one loop

  • UV singularities, dimensional regularization, techniques for evaluation of one-loop integrals, renormalization, Lamb shift, g-2, Ward identities, IR singularities.

Books for the Course

  • M.E.Peskin and D.V.Schroeder An Introduction to QFT, (Addison Wesley,1994)
  • M. Kaku, Quantum Field Theory: A Modern Introduction, Oxford University Press Inc. 1994
  • C. Itzykson and J.B. Zuber, Quantum Field Theory,(McGraw-Hill, 1980)